The Best Windows 7/8 Shortcuts

Even though Microsoft recently released a new Windows 10 operating system, the stable version of this OS is not yet available to the public.

At the moment, users of this OS can access a build version that is still in beta. If you are a developer or simply an enthusiastic user, you can sign up for the Windows Program and join the hundreds of people who are downloading this preview version of the latest Microsoft OS.

Despite the anticipated release of the stable version of Windows 10, the use of Windows 7 and Windows 8 is still at large, especially the former OS. Windows 7 users are more than those using Windows 8 and this can be attributed to the fact that this OS was heavily criticized by experts and users likewise for its interface that included the omission of the Start menu button. However, if you are using Windows 7 or Windows 8, you might want to learn or add more tricks and tricks to the ones you already know.

Using Windows shortcuts for navigation and doing other cool stuff

One of the best ways of navigating through Windows is with the help of shortcuts. Using the many available shortcuts on the keyboard and others that involve entering specific commands, you can do lots of cool stuff on your Windows PC and in a very quick way. In this line, here is a list of the best Windows 7/8 shortcuts, tips and tricks that you could use on your way to becoming a pro user of this Microsoft-based OS.

Using the Windows key

If you are one of those users who feel that the Windows key is a superfluous key on your keyboard, you are very wrong. This key has lots of supportive functions in addition to many other wonderful uses. Below are some of the most amazing shortcuts of the Windows key.

  • Windows +D will help you minimize all open windows
  • Use Windows + E to open your PC’s explorer
  • The Windows + R shortcut will help you start the Run prompt
  • Windows + T will help with scrolling through the taskbar while Windows + P is meant for changing the display configuration
  • Using Windows + Tab, you can easily look like a pro by scrolling through open windows in 3D.
  • Use the Windows + Arrow keys to snap an open window all over the screen.

Other Windows 7/8 tips and tricks

There are other tips and tricks that are very little known to many users of Windows 7 or 8. When you press the Alt + Print Screen shortcut, you will be able to capture a screen shot of the active window on the clipboard. You can also calibrate your screen by simply clicking on the start button then follow it by keying “DCCW” in the search bar and then hit Enter.

The Ctrl + Alt+ Tab will open the dialogue that is opened by Ctrl + Tab but this time the dialogue is kept alive on the screen so that you can use the arrow keys to select a window and Enter to open it.

Other shortcuts include Windows key + Up/Down to maximize and minimize and open window, Windows key + shift + right/left arrow for moving windows to other monitors as well as Alt + Enter to maximize full screen apps in windowed mode.

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